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They say that it is lonely at the top. Every business owner as the head of their business is totally engrossed in managing their existing enterprise, keeping the company healthy and profitable. Therefore, they do not have time to think outside the box and perform a SWOT analysis and steer the company in the right direction to continue to grow in spite of market competition and technology advancements.

At SandV Capitals Worldwide, having been in the Global IT Business since 1980, and having taken the path of taking a company that started in the basement of the founders’ Rita Narasimham’s home, to an international company

operating in 7 countries with global revenue of $550M listed in Bombay Stock Exchange.

We will be bringing our hands-on experience in growing global IT companies and devise a unique growth strategy by employing our past experience that will assure to you and your company continued growth in spite of competition.

We would meet with you and the top management of your company to collect data for market analysis in similar domains and come up with a customized growth strategy for your company that will combine our three-pronged approach – Build, Borrow, Buy. More importantly, we will also arrange the necessary funding required to implement your inorganic growth strategy.

We will use a strategic combination of all the three growth paths namely: Build, Borrow, or Buy and prime your organization for optimal growth and maximize valuations to the shareholder.

Our Motto

Grow fast or die slow