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About Us

Welcome to SandV Capitals

About Us

SandV Capitals is a Financial Advisory, HR Consulting and IT Consulting Company, having professional experience in providing Customised Solutions to our clients. Our Financial solutions are based on the latest market strategy we delivers a full consulting services to clients based on client requirements.

We offer comprehensive software consulting services that cover the full development and implementation cycle of IT project including IT consulting services.

SandV Capitals is specialized in Financial Advisory, ERP Solutions with modules like Sales and Marketing, Purchase Management, Inventory Management, Asset Management, Financial Accounting, Production Management and Human Resource etc. Along with ERP, Services like Industrial Automation Software Development, Mobile Applications and Web Application Development. And many Projects which were successfully executed.

What Next - Beyond Exit Planning
One of the most challenging questions to any successful entrepreneur such as your company: What do I do next Monday morning when I go to work if I sell by company on the previous Friday? Therefore, most founders of companies will continue to do what they are doing over and over until their business model becomes outdated, their business revenue will go down, profit margins will decline, and ultimately at the end their business is forced to shut down or merge with a large company with no choice left behind.

At SandV, you as our esteemed customer, this will the first point we will address when you become our client. We will share with you our global knowledge in the area of innovation/creativity hubs both in India and US where young generation coming out of college are working on cutting edge technologies and disruptive concepts that will transform the current global business environment into unprecedented growth thereby creating new wave hypergrowth companies with maximum valuations (For example: Snapchat, Uber, Turo, Google, Apple, Facebook, AirBNB, Allibaba, etc.)

We will simultaneously be planning for your future based on your appetite, area of interest and the timeline you have set aside for new ventures and will furthermore present exciting startup investment opportunities. You will become a board member in these invested companies and you will see a very exciting future for yourself in new wave technology companies also providing an exit again with maximum valuations in the shortest timeframe possible. However, if you wish to retire and enjoy your life; vacationing, global travel, etc., SandV will become your execution arm to manage your investments in your choice of portfolio company and represent you and your interest in these high growth companies and plan and execute the exit strategy. Your role will be restricted to just financial investment.