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Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategy

Way to transition ownership of a company to another company through a merger or acquisition, thereby guaranteeing the continuity of the company you started beyond your time and also convert your sweat equity into cash and ultimately create retirement funds so you can transition to the next phase of your life.

Why Exit at the Right Time (Include a Hyperlink to The Road Less Traveled Document)

Yahoo Logo – A decade ago, Yahoo was valued at over 40B, however, the board members were very confident about the future growth and they did not exit at that time. After a decade, more recently, competition took over Yahoo (IE: Google). In the end, more recently, Yahoo sold for 3.8B to AT&T (By not exiting at the right when the valuations were high, Yahoo Shareholders lost a combined wealth of 36B).

WebMD Logo – 4 Founders worked round the clock to build this portal and they exited when the valuations were very high by amassing 1.8B sale price within 14 months.

INMOBI Logo – Bangalore based startup by a bunch of IIM graduates with a vision to capture the mobile advertising domain. Recently, Google acquired INMOBI for $1.6B.

What Next (Beyond EXIT)

One of the most significant barriers business owners ask themselves, “What do I next Monday morning after I sell my business?” As part of our exit strategy consulting, we will help you devise a plan post exit. Through SandV Capitals vast network, we have other investment opportunities which have great potential for you to consider.

Why Exit

All businesses reach their maturation curve and stagnate after a certain point. Once that plateau is reached, other inorganic growth strategies or changing business models should be considered.

When To Exit

Business owners tend to consider exiting when their business is stagnant or declining. The right to time to exit is when the business is growing.