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Growth Strategy Consulting

Financial Services

Strategy Consulting


Buying and selling of other companies


Combining two companies into one

Strategic Alliance

Non Equity based collaborative alliance between two companies


Companies selling off subsidiary business intereSandV Capitals or investments

Strategic investments

Company making investments into one another

Joint Ventures

Business arrangements between two companies for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task

Roll-Up Strategies

Consolidation strategies to help companies merge to become one larger entity

SWOT Analysis

Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the industry and advise how to augment weaknesses and threats through strategic acquisitions, joint ventures, or mergers.

Build-Borrow-Buy Strategy

Build: Continue the Organic Growth Path with target growth metrics yearly for our Acquired targets. Borrow: Negotiate and execute strategic alliances globally to have a technology footprint, covering all emerging IT technologies, in order to better service our clients Buy: Continue the M&A path in order to gain advantage of size, expanded geographic foot print, acquire professional services, software, IP and solution companies to strengthen our offerings.